Massachusetts Criminal Defense and OUI Lawyer

Law Office of Lawrence Christopher:

High-Quality Drunk Driving and Criminal Defense throughout Massachusetts

A highly respected Chelsea law firm, the Law Office of Lawrence Christopher provides counsel and courtroom representation for Massachusetts residents accused of committing a variety of crimes. Clients speak highly of the law firm’s personalized approach.

Service Area

The Law Office of Lawrence Christopher has a vast service area. Based in Chelsea, the practice handles criminal cases in:

  • Suffolk County
  • Essex County
  • Middlesex County
  • Norfolk County
  • Plymouth County
  • Worcester County

Regardless of where they reside, all of the law firm’s clients enjoy access to a knowledgeable attorney who possesses an in-depth understanding of the local criminal justice system. Over the years, Lawrence Christopher has developed several valuable connections and relationships in all areas of the Massachusetts legal system. He frequently calls on these connections to secure better case outcomes for his valued clients.

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Lawrence Christopher is, first and foremost, a criminal defense law firm. A skilled trial lawyer, Lawrence Christopher takes on a variety of criminal cases, including both misdemeanors and felonies. Many of these cases involve OUI charges. Regardless of the charges, it is always Lawrence Christopher’s prerogative to work closely with his clients and secure the most favorable outcome possible. Depending on the nature of the case, this could mean reduced charges, a not guilty verdict, or even a complete case dismissal.

Approach to Law

Clients facing criminal charges deserve aggressive representation from an attorney who truly cares. Lawrence Christopher is passionate about criminal law and determined to secure the best possible resolutions for his clients. A former prosecutor, he knows exactly what it takes to win seemingly hopeless criminal cases. He has an excellent track record, brought about by his zealous courtroom style and his ability to form close and trusting relationships with his clients. Compassionate, yet honest, he tells his clients exactly what they need to hear, but always in a respectful manner.

Don’t let drunk driving or other criminal charges stand in the way of leading a fulfilling life. With the Law Office of Lawrence Christopher on your side, you can work through stressful criminal matters and emerge with a desired case resolution. Contact the law firm today to learn more about its service area, practice areas, and unique legal approach.

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