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Law Office of Lawrence Christopher:

Aggressive Criminal Defense in Chelsea, Massachusetts

Few things match the terror of being charged with a crime. Suddenly, your entire future is in limbo. Your criminal charges could lead to some truly harsh repercussions, including fines, probation, mandated drug treatment, and even jail time. Given the severity of these consequences, it’s imperative that you work with a criminal defense attorney you can trust. Your best bet is to contact the Law Office of Lawrence Christopher, a top criminal law firm with an excellent reputation throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Service Area and Matters Handled at the Law Office of Lawrence Christopher

The Law Office of Lawrence Christopher offers criminal defense services in:

  • Middlesex County
  • Suffolk County
  • Norfolk County
  • Essex County
  • North Shore
  • Cambridge
  • Boston

The law firm possesses not only a vast service area, but also a wonderful track record in several areas of criminal law. Alleged offenders can turn to Lawrence Christopher for help with everything from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. Many of the cases he handles involve drunk driving; his assistance could help you avoid not only a criminal sentence, but also license suspension.

Working with a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney

Empathy is an essential quality in a criminal defense attorney. Your lawyer should understand the stressful nature of your ordeal, and should respond with the compassion you need. Furthermore, it is important for your attorney to demonstrate respect throughout all aspects of the criminal justice process. If you don’t feel respected, you’ll never be able to establish the trusting attorney-client relationship needed for success in court.

Respect and empathy are important, but so is sheer legal skill. A former prosecutor and highly respected attorney, Lawrence Christopher knows exactly what it takes to win complex criminal cases. He is a wonderful legal advocate to have on your side.

It’s not worth risking your future on poor criminal defense or no representation at all — the stakes are way too high. With the Law Office of Lawrence Christopher on your side, you could conceivably emerge from this ordeal with reduced charges or a dropped case. Get in touch today to learn more about Lawrence Christopher’s background and how he can help you move forward with a clean slate.

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